14 Pounds Gone!!

I am down fourteen pounds from 2 weeks ago.

Fourteen pounds!!

That’s including a 4 day trip to Corpus Christi and a 4 day conference in Fort Worth.

I’m a little stunned actually. I have not been formally exercising, but I have been very active. At Corpus, we were walking the beaches, walking around the aquarium, walking to dinner.

Same thing at Fort Worth. We had to walk *everywhere.* My breakfasts was hotel fare, lunch was pre-packaged deli fare. . . and all that stuff added up!

Needless to say, I am thrilled. I think I mostly notice the weight loss in my feet and wrists, but damn those are some sexy feet 😉

I really needed this encouragement. I have been going through a hard patch lately, to the point where I have begun taking anti-depressant medication((That’s a whole ‘nuther post!!) I am just really excited to on the right track and looking forward to continued success.

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From Hotel to Hotel

What a whirlwind week!! After four glorious days in Corpus Christi, I returned home Sunday night, just to turn around and leave out Monday morning for a four-day conference for school.

A conference of. . . FOOD.

Dad da dum!

OK-it’s not actually a conference of food, it’s a conference on Advanced Placement English classes, but it might as well be a conference of food, Every time I turn around they’re feeding us! In between the first sessions we were greeted by scones, coffee, and juice. Two sessions was lunch-which was healthy at least-locally smoked meats (roast beef, turkey or ham) on whole wheat bread, cut up veggies, an orange and a cookie. Two sessions later there were tables of fun size candy bars and sodas-sheesh!

Of course none of that is an excuse for overeating-which I did. BIGTIME. After my little Starbucks breakfast sandwich, I still chose to eat a scone. And lunch. And two mini candy’s (although I got a diet soda).

Dinner was my MAIN downfall though. My co-worker and I went to Applebees. I was leaning toward the Teriyaki Chicken pasta (under 550 calories, quite reasonable.) INSTEAD, my friend suggested the 2 for $20 which I jumped all over, ordering the Queso Blanco, Provolone Stuffed Meatball pasta, and Cajun Shrimp Pasta (we split the pastas). And we ate ever. single. bite. LAMENESS!

I’m mad that I didn’t stick to my original order. My friend would not have cared if ordered something different! UGH!

Tomorrow I plan on sticking to my plan-I will eat better. This is not hard!! I ate 1600 calories or less everyday last week-I can totally do this!

For now I am very, very, very sleepy-only fours hours of sleep last night-yowza!

I miss my babies, and I miss my hubby, but I love this big ol’ bed I’m sleeping in-does that make sense?

More tomorrow bloggies!

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Chillin…chillin…chillin like a mofo

Ahhh these lazy days of summer. Today the kidlets and I hung around, watched TV, read, learned about exponents.

For realz. I’m *that* mom, who makes her kiddos learn during summer 😛

Tomorrow will be busy. It’s payday and we have to get ready to leave for the beach on Thursday-woohoo! I’m am so frakkin excited for this trip!

Tonights supper-baked potatoes, sliced tomaotes from the garden, and broccoli. Nom nom nom!

Today’s NSV: I had a total munchies attack this afternoon. I had a good lunch, but I wanted <b>more</b>. Instead, I started reading some blogs, drank some hot tea, and before you know it, an hour had passed and I had forgotten all about my cravings. Win for Val!

Tomorrow I *WILL* get up and walk first thing. I’ve been waking up before 7 anyways-I’ve got to take advantage of that time to walk. Cause after 9am? It’s ain’t happnin’. My fat azz+100 dgree heat=heat stroke. So I’ll walk early and hibernate in the coolness the way the good Lord intended.

Also tomorrow kicks off the Burst Into Summer Challenge! Over the next 11 weeks I’ll be joining with three other chica’s to make this the best, most fit summer yet. I want to start the school year looking <i>and</i> feeling fierce. Check tomorrow for weigh-in (sob) and goals (yay)!

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Monday Madness

First Monday of summer and I was up a 7 am. Lameness.

For an OBGYN appointment. Even lamer!

It was just my annual checkup (ya know how fun *those* bad boys are) but I waited over an hour. Sheesh. I love my doctor, and she delivered my son, but dayuuum lady. 9:15 means 9:15!

On the plus side I lost 3 lbs- YAY!

Since March-BOO!

Of course that’s not the whole story. I have yo-yoed up and down 12 lbs since March. I’m just so happy that school is over for the summer. I needed a break so badly. And it’s amazing how much I can get done in a day. Tracking, exercising, housework-all things are possible with an extra 8 hours in the day 😉

Although it’s summer I have a crazy schedule coming up. Thursday we leave for Corpus Cristi for four days. I get back on Sunday and turn right around to attend a 4 day workshop in Fort Worth. Since that’s about a 2 hour drive, I’ll be staying in a hotel there and I *reeeeally* hope I’ll be alone. Can you imagine? Four glorious days of solitude? What an opportunity! 😀

Now I believe I will send the kids out, commandeer the remote and watch a little Netflix action. After all, it’s my summer too.

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>Lost My Mojo

>One month ago I was excited about working out. I was eating right everyday, staying away from booze, and structuring my life around getting healthy.

What the hell has happened?
The last two weeks have been a blur. I’m too tired to cook so we’ve been eating out(excuse). It’s been too hot to walk outside (excuse). A glass of wine, or three, is a great way to de-stress (EXCUSE).
I’m full of excuses and severely lacking motivation. My pants are tight again. The ten pounds I lost? Right back on my ass. I’m feeling weepy and emotional and unstable and unhealthy.
What is wrong with me?
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>Mother’s Day Edition in Pics


Hi Mom! We made breakfast!

But you only get one smile.

Mmmmm. Breakfast.

Now I’m going to throw sticks.

And they’re gonna play sissy Barbies.

Wait! There’s cake?!
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>50 degrees in May

>As I sit here in flannel jammies, listening to the heater rumble, it’s hard to believe it is the second day in May. Two days ago I was sweating it out at the park; tonight is supposed to be 37 degrees o_O Veeery unusual for this neck o’ the woods.

April was good to me. I started an awesome exercise regime and lost a whopping 10 lbs in the process. Ahhh the sweet smell of success.
Hubby and I had a $100 bet going last month, which he conceded to me, and it’s on again this month! This time we are divvying it up-$50 bucks for coming under calorie goal the most days, and another $50 for the most exercise minutes. I’m hoping this will be keep me going on the exercise wagon-it’s still my weak area.
I joined “10K a Day (in May!)” which I am super excited about. That cutie Jenn over at Watch My Butt Shrink is hosting it, and I am ready to win it! Errr. . . win something. Or nothing. I’m just excited to be tracking my steps.
I am so, so, so excited it is almost summer. Our school lets kids out 9 days early if they have good behavior/grades/etc, so I have 16 work days with the majority of my students. Glory glory hallelujah! I am in desperate need of a vacation.
I’m just looking forward to *time.* Time to read, write, work out, without skimping any other areas. I’m just so rushed all the time. I am ready to relax.
Well, that does it for. I’m going to visit a few blogs-woohoo!!
Till next time-
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