>The Aftermath

>It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 days since I have blogged! Oy vey as they say.

I am in beautiful northern New Mexico visiting my sister and her family.We got here laaaate last Sunday (actually about 3 in the morning Monday). It was a loooooong drive!

We have had an awesome time hanging out, shopping, cooking. Christmas was wonderful. It was great being with extended family.

At the beginning of the trip my eating was pretty rough…I just kinda ate whatever. I hate when I get in that mindset-like vacation mode. So I was pretty indulgent, but on the plus side we didn’t go out to eat at all. And there are hardly any sweets in the house-I purposefully did NOT make fudge ;).

But while my eating was improved from last Christmas, it was still not what I wanted it to be. I’m disappointed in myself. I know it was just a few days, but damn it!! That could have been more successful days. And looking through those Christmas photos-good gawd y’all…Those pics are rough anyway, cause it’s early and no makeup, etc. But add to that there are multiple cameras in action, and I can only suck it in from one angle! Suffice to say there were some pics that made me want to cry. Moral of the story-I cannot have anymore blow-off days. Period.

Yesterday I was feeling icky, so it turned out to be kind of a detox day. Today, come hell or high water I am back on plan and tracking on Sparkpeople.

I would like to say I’m gong for a walk but the temperature right now is 18. Fricking 18!! The low is 0. That’s correct–it is so cold they officially have NO temperature :/

Today we are embarking in the second part of our trip-heading down to south-east New Mexico to visit my hubby’s family. 6 more hours of driving baby! :/ Hopefully it will be warmer there….I do have my walking shoes, just in case it ever gets warm enough!!

I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blog! I have missed reading and posting. And as the countdown to New Years is in full swing, I thought I would share a quote I read this morning and really liked- “Make no resolutions-only change.”

Happy Sunday!!

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2 Responses to >The Aftermath

  1. >I love the quote Val. Despite the dietary indiscretions, it sounds like you are having a good time. Don't let the photos be discouraging – instead, make them your motivation.

  2. Secretia says:

    >First you could catch up on your main mission, your body. That's the most important thing to do.Have asafe and fun New Years Eve!Secretia

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