>Aaaaaaaand she’s back!

>I hate not blogging for 15 days! Such a backlog of moments awaits to be shared.

First of all, the student teacher is GONE. Glory, glory hallelujah. The story isn’t too juicy-no Fox News clips thank God- but the behavior was enough to warrant him leaving. I’m SO glad my principal had my back and took care of it. I went to him on Wednesday and Student Teacher was gone Friday. Ahhhh.

Secondly, we have been battling snow and sickness. We missed a day and a half of school last week, due to 6 inches of the good stuff. Very unusual in our neck of the woods! Then my baby boy got sick and I missed *another* day and a half of work. He had strep throat and an ear infection. Yuck! So I have only seen my students 10.5 days and we are already at progress report time! *Gasp, shudder, die*

Thirdly, my adorable and beautiful and smart sister has been staying with us this week. She lives alllll the way over in Four Corners, New Mexico, so we don’t get to see each other *nearly* enough. (I pray daily her hubby will get transferred to Texas-anywhere in Texas!-so we can see each other more often.) She has two gorgeous children, so I got to drool over my nephews all week 😀

Fourthly, I am doing ok on my New Years Resolutions. I *just now* updated my resolution page, and I want to add my Uber List as well. All I will say for today is that so far I am down 8.6 lbs in January. Woohoo! From now on I will update my Resolution page on the last Sunday of the month.

Fifthly, I saw my doctor on the 13th. Cholesterol, glucose, everything was low/in range. My BP was 100/80-woo hoo!! And my doc said if I lose 40 lbs, he bets I could go off the meds. The only ‘bad’ result was that my vitamin D level was super low, so I’ll be taking a supplement. Other that that it was a great day!

Last but NOT least, THANKS SO MUCH to Michele and Ash for their thoughts and ***awards***!! I will be posting those soon.

And now ends the dreaded catch-up post. Much love to all you bloggies ❤

Until next time-

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4 Responses to >Aaaaaaaand she’s back!

  1. Tricia says:

    >woohooo thats awesome bp!

  2. Polar's Mom says:

    >FAN doc's visit! That is great news! So will you have a say in the next student teacher?Polar's Momwww.polarspage.blogspot.com

  3. >Texas did get a surprise snow. My Mom sent me pics! Crazy! It's really hard when your kiddo gets sick! We are finally done with all that in our family! begah! 8.6 in January is Awesome! Keep up the great work!!!

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