Monday Madness

First Monday of summer and I was up a 7 am. Lameness.

For an OBGYN appointment. Even lamer!

It was just my annual checkup (ya know how fun *those* bad boys are) but I waited over an hour. Sheesh. I love my doctor, and she delivered my son, but dayuuum lady. 9:15 means 9:15!

On the plus side I lost 3 lbs- YAY!

Since March-BOO!

Of course that’s not the whole story. I have yo-yoed up and down 12 lbs since March. I’m just so happy that school is over for the summer. I needed a break so badly. And it’s amazing how much I can get done in a day. Tracking, exercising, housework-all things are possible with an extra 8 hours in the day 😉

Although it’s summer I have a crazy schedule coming up. Thursday we leave for Corpus Cristi for four days. I get back on Sunday and turn right around to attend a 4 day workshop in Fort Worth. Since that’s about a 2 hour drive, I’ll be staying in a hotel there and I *reeeeally* hope I’ll be alone. Can you imagine? Four glorious days of solitude? What an opportunity! 😀

Now I believe I will send the kids out, commandeer the remote and watch a little Netflix action. After all, it’s my summer too.

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One Response to Monday Madness

  1. Hman says:

    I really hope you are alone. You could use some r and r and don’t feel bad about leaving me with the kids.

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