Chillin…chillin…chillin like a mofo

Ahhh these lazy days of summer. Today the kidlets and I hung around, watched TV, read, learned about exponents.

For realz. I’m *that* mom, who makes her kiddos learn during summer 😛

Tomorrow will be busy. It’s payday and we have to get ready to leave for the beach on Thursday-woohoo! I’m am so frakkin excited for this trip!

Tonights supper-baked potatoes, sliced tomaotes from the garden, and broccoli. Nom nom nom!

Today’s NSV: I had a total munchies attack this afternoon. I had a good lunch, but I wanted <b>more</b>. Instead, I started reading some blogs, drank some hot tea, and before you know it, an hour had passed and I had forgotten all about my cravings. Win for Val!

Tomorrow I *WILL* get up and walk first thing. I’ve been waking up before 7 anyways-I’ve got to take advantage of that time to walk. Cause after 9am? It’s ain’t happnin’. My fat azz+100 dgree heat=heat stroke. So I’ll walk early and hibernate in the coolness the way the good Lord intended.

Also tomorrow kicks off the Burst Into Summer Challenge! Over the next 11 weeks I’ll be joining with three other chica’s to make this the best, most fit summer yet. I want to start the school year looking <i>and</i> feeling fierce. Check tomorrow for weigh-in (sob) and goals (yay)!

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