From Hotel to Hotel

What a whirlwind week!! After four glorious days in Corpus Christi, I returned home Sunday night, just to turn around and leave out Monday morning for a four-day conference for school.

A conference of. . . FOOD.

Dad da dum!

OK-it’s not actually a conference of food, it’s a conference on Advanced Placement English classes, but it might as well be a conference of food, Every time I turn around they’re feeding us! In between the first sessions we were greeted by scones, coffee, and juice. Two sessions was lunch-which was healthy at least-locally smoked meats (roast beef, turkey or ham) on whole wheat bread, cut up veggies, an orange and a cookie. Two sessions later there were tables of fun size candy bars and sodas-sheesh!

Of course none of that is an excuse for overeating-which I did. BIGTIME. After my little Starbucks breakfast sandwich, I still chose to eat a scone. And lunch. And two mini candy’s (although I got a diet soda).

Dinner was my MAIN downfall though. My co-worker and I went to Applebees. I was leaning toward the Teriyaki Chicken pasta (under 550 calories, quite reasonable.) INSTEAD, my friend suggested the 2 for $20 which I jumped all over, ordering the Queso Blanco, Provolone Stuffed Meatball pasta, and Cajun Shrimp Pasta (we split the pastas). And we ate ever. single. bite. LAMENESS!

I’m mad that I didn’t stick to my original order. My friend would not have cared if ordered something different! UGH!

Tomorrow I plan on sticking to my plan-I will eat better. This is not hard!! I ate 1600 calories or less everyday last week-I can totally do this!

For now I am very, very, very sleepy-only fours hours of sleep last night-yowza!

I miss my babies, and I miss my hubby, but I love this big ol’ bed I’m sleeping in-does that make sense?

More tomorrow bloggies!

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2 Responses to From Hotel to Hotel

  1. Hman says:

    I blame the “friend” you ate good while you were with me in the hotel. LOL I said good not healthy. 🙂

  2. Great job on staying under the calories, especially while away from home. I find it hard to stay at my goal while away, so I know how hard that can be.

    Great blog BTW. Just found it via your Twitter account.

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