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From Hotel to Hotel

What a whirlwind week!! After four glorious days in Corpus Christi, I returned home Sunday night, just to turn around and leave out Monday morning for a four-day conference for school. A conference of. . . FOOD. Dad da dum! … Continue reading

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>Except for Almost Dying It Was A Great Week

>Spring break is officially over and I have had an amazing 9 days off. I tried to blog on my trip to Austin, but Blogger doesn’t work on an iPad! (Lame Apple. Really lame.) Our trip started off in a … Continue reading

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>Blowing The Dust Off This Baby

> ***Long overdue catch-up post ahead! Topics change at random!*** What a month February has been! I can’t say I am all that sad to see it go. It has been a whirlwind of sickness and snow days, with little … Continue reading

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>Snowpocalypse 2011 and a Case O’ the Ague

>This has felt like the longest week ever. I’m talking 3rd trimester long. I’m talking week before grades come out long. Waiting for Christmas when you’re 8 years old long. It has just been endless! Last Sunday I couldn’t sleep-coughing, … Continue reading

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>Thursday Check-Up

>I *KNEW* this week was going to be rough. Tuesday I was up at 5:30 in the morning for the world’s stupidest meeting at 7:15. Yesterday I was up at FIVE in the morning because we left the school at … Continue reading

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>Aaaaaaaand she’s back!

>I hate not blogging for 15 days! Such a backlog of moments awaits to be shared. First of all, the student teacher is GONE. Glory, glory hallelujah. The story isn’t too juicy-no Fox News clips thank God- but the behavior … Continue reading

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>A New Year!

>I wish I were happier to see 2011 come, but this has not been an awesome vacation for me. I have loved being at home with my kids and adorable husband. Physically I just haven’t been doing well. I’ve been … Continue reading

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