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From Hotel to Hotel

What a whirlwind week!! After four glorious days in Corpus Christi, I returned home Sunday night, just to turn around and leave out Monday morning for a four-day conference for school. A conference of. . . FOOD. Dad da dum! … Continue reading

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>Dreaming and Eating and Falling-oh my!

> First day back with students! Wowza 🙂 First-NO SLEEP LAST NIGHT. Thanks to that delicious cup of coffee after dinner last night, I didn’t fall asleep until 1 am. With my dad was up all night talking to some … Continue reading

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>The Last 10 days

>Allergies making me want to cut off my own head A day at the park with my kids that was worth it, despite the allergies Taking a day off work to chill with mah babies Unexpected crying jags Lots of … Continue reading

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>The Aftermath

>It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 days since I have blogged! Oy vey as they say. I am in beautiful northern New Mexico visiting my sister and her family.We got here laaaate last Sunday (actually about 3 in the … Continue reading

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>Wake Up Call

>So after my brief (and pricey) foray into Weight Watchers I am back to good old SP. It’s so much better than I remembered! All kinds of fun new stuff to look at. I have a hard time eating well … Continue reading

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>Time to refocus

> I don’t know what happened last week. I didn’t work out once. My eating was lame. I just kind of fell apart. Of course I have excuses for it, but I’m so done with excuses. I have ignored my … Continue reading

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>B-b-b-b-bummer Man

>Is it really only Wednesday? I’ve been blogging it old-school this week, aka journaling. I’m going thru some personal stuff with my mom lately that I’m not all comfy with sharing. I hate that I let her get to me … Continue reading

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