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>I Broke My Give-A-Damn

>So I’ve been tracking like a good little fat girl, and packing my lunch, and saying no to soda. I start everyday with a good breakfast, am eating more fruit and reducing portions. But I Can Not Get My Exercise … Continue reading

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>Web MD is the devil.

> The past week or so I have been experiencing some strange symptoms-mostly pins and needles in my arms and calves/feet. I have also had some flashy spots in my vision and I’ve had swelling in my hands and feet. … Continue reading

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>Hello December!

>I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the beginning of a new month! I had a lofty goal of losing 10 lbs in November and I failed. Miserably. It’s been awhile since I humiliated myself by … Continue reading

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>Not So Good Eats

>I just read that a 112 year old man married a 17 year old girl in Somalia and my blog post pretty much fled my brain in horror. *Ahem.* Anyway. My eating today sucked it. I left late and a … Continue reading

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>B-b-b-b-bummer Man

>Is it really only Wednesday? I’ve been blogging it old-school this week, aka journaling. I’m going thru some personal stuff with my mom lately that I’m not all comfy with sharing. I hate that I let her get to me … Continue reading

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>Just another manic Monday…

> Like many days, I as about half good-and half not so good today. I went to bed toooooo late last night, making this morning not fun. I managed to only be 5 minutes late to work. Breakfast was an … Continue reading

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>She’s Up….and She’ s Down

>Today was a nice Monday. I really like Mondays. I’m all rested from the weekend and ready to go, go, go! My sister came in yesterday. She’ll only be here through Saturday, so it will be a busy week. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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