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>Mother’s Day Edition in Pics

> Hi Mom! We made breakfast! But you only get one smile. Mmmmm. Breakfast. Now I’m going to throw sticks. And they’re gonna play sissy Barbies. Wait! There’s cake?! Sweet. Advertisements

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>Aaaaaaaand she’s back!

>I hate not blogging for 15 days! Such a backlog of moments awaits to be shared. First of all, the student teacher is GONE. Glory, glory hallelujah. The story isn’t too juicy-no Fox News clips thank God- but the behavior … Continue reading

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>Happiness ahead!!

>Today was the last day of my vacation. Le sigh. I have to admit, 16 days without students has been uplifting inspiring long enough. We’ll go back and start our Holocaust/Anne Frank unit. It’s a challenging unit to teach, but … Continue reading

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>Mostly Marvelous Monday

>I woke up feeling strong! Even though I didn’t sleep por nada last night and then woke up to delicious thunderstorms. Out the door this morning with my usual egg ‘n cheese burrito-love those things. Lunch was a bit skimpy … Continue reading

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>A Perfect Saturday

>Today was a gloriously rainy and grey day-my FAVORITE! But staying in bed and lounging was not on the agenda. I got to the Y at 8:30 and was doing water aerobics by 9. Today’s instructor did intervals of swimming-it … Continue reading

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