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>Rocking Week

>This week has been intense. I have worked out four out of five days, 45 minutes or more each (12 workouts so far this month). I also started the P90X regime on Tuesday (if you follow my Twitter, you’ve heard … Continue reading

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>Down 7 pounds!

>I have lost 7.6 pounds so far this month!! Stats:I have eaten approximately 2155 calories per day, I have exercised for 308 total minutes (~44min/day), and burned off ~3620 calories. The changes I am feeling are incredible. I am sleeping … Continue reading

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>It is April 8th and I have worked out 7 times this month! Halla-frickin-lujah. I think I am off to a really great start. My husband is now on the weight loss bandwagon and it has been an EYE opening … Continue reading

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>Happy April

>On a non-weight related note, it’s a shitty time to be a teacher in Tejas. My best friend, who I’ve worked with for three years, was told yesterday her contract wouldn’t be renewed. The politics and bullshit behind the budget … Continue reading

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>Tuesday Update

>Mmmk, trying to get some sort of rhythm going with the blogging thang-so day two this week! Ooooh boy 😀 I am loving The android is app is clean and easy so I am more likely to track (and … Continue reading

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>Except for Almost Dying It Was A Great Week

>Spring break is officially over and I have had an amazing 9 days off. I tried to blog on my trip to Austin, but Blogger doesn’t work on an iPad! (Lame Apple. Really lame.) Our trip started off in a … Continue reading

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>Thursday Check-Up

>I *KNEW* this week was going to be rough. Tuesday I was up at 5:30 in the morning for the world’s stupidest meeting at 7:15. Yesterday I was up at FIVE in the morning because we left the school at … Continue reading

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