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>Mother’s Day Edition in Pics

> Hi Mom! We made breakfast! But you only get one smile. Mmmmm. Breakfast. Now I’m going to throw sticks. And they’re gonna play sissy Barbies. Wait! There’s cake?! Sweet. Advertisements

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>Aaaaaaaand she’s back!

>I hate not blogging for 15 days! Such a backlog of moments awaits to be shared. First of all, the student teacher is GONE. Glory, glory hallelujah. The story isn’t too juicy-no Fox News clips thank God- but the behavior … Continue reading

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>A New Year!

>I wish I were happier to see 2011 come, but this has not been an awesome vacation for me. I have loved being at home with my kids and adorable husband. Physically I just haven’t been doing well. I’ve been … Continue reading

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>Surprise Weigh-In

>Happy New Year everybody!! I spent most of yesterday in the car, driving home from New Mexico. We have put some serious miles on my lil car! I had such a wonderful, laid-back vacation. I got to visit family and … Continue reading

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>The Aftermath

>It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 days since I have blogged! Oy vey as they say. I am in beautiful northern New Mexico visiting my sister and her family.We got here laaaate last Sunday (actually about 3 in the … Continue reading

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>Hello December!

>I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the beginning of a new month! I had a lofty goal of losing 10 lbs in November and I failed. Miserably. It’s been awhile since I humiliated myself by … Continue reading

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>Happy Turkey Day!!!!!

><———— the kids turkey cookies!! 🙂 My sister and her family drove 18 hours to spend Thanksgiving with us. Usually they stay there, but we are going to NM for Christmas, so they came down. Since I spent last year … Continue reading

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