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>Mother’s Day Edition in Pics

> Hi Mom! We made breakfast! But you only get one smile. Mmmmm. Breakfast. Now I’m going to throw sticks. And they’re gonna play sissy Barbies. Wait! There’s cake?! Sweet. Advertisements

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>Everybody’s working for the weekend

>Today was another long day of testing. We did have 4th-6th periods, so I got in a little learning 😀 We are reading Fahrenheit 451 in my honors class-sooo fun! I had the most delicious salad for lunch. Lettuce, cherry … Continue reading

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>Letter Lessons

>Another boring day of testing. Lord, these poor kids get tested to death 1900 calories today and a quick 30 minute walk made me pretty happy today. A sweet student brought me a Hershey bar with almonds. I was so … Continue reading

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>Eek and yikes and owie!

>Your regularly scheduled post has been interrupted by my Wolverine wanna-be three year old who has gashed his forehead open. On a corner. Of the couch.Looks to be pretty topical, but quite scary. Update manana.

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>Since I’m Updating Picasa I Might As Well Share…

> I’m a teensy bit biased, but that is one spectacular smile Am I the only one who uses holiday towels year round? My gorgeous chef in training. (On the plate would be white bread, red hots, cool whip, strawberries … Continue reading

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