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>50 degrees in May

>As I sit here in flannel jammies, listening to the heater rumble, it’s hard to believe it is the second day in May. Two days ago I was sweating it out at the park; tonight is supposed to be 37 … Continue reading

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>Down 7 pounds!

>I have lost 7.6 pounds so far this month!! Stats:I have eaten approximately 2155 calories per day, I have exercised for 308 total minutes (~44min/day), and burned off ~3620 calories. The changes I am feeling are incredible. I am sleeping … Continue reading

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>Catching up, Food talk, and a (Surprising) Weigh In

>I survived the first holiday intact! I have had a luxurious nine days off work. God bless our calendar committee-they will forever be in my heart 🙂 Thanksgiving was really, really good. My dad has been living in England for … Continue reading

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>Kick Ass Weigh In + Star Wars Party Pics!

>Perhaps my string of terrible Tuesdays is coming to an end. It started off pretty sucky, but turned out *awesome!* My teaching year is not so pretty. Let’s just say I have a batch of “don’t-wanna-do-shyt”kids this year. As a … Continue reading

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>Time to get *HOT*

>Today was weigh-in and I lost .2 lb. Two. tenths. of a frakkin pound. Really? REALLY?! I worked out 260 minutes last week and this is my reward? Geez. Now I am certainly happy there wasn’t a gain. To quote … Continue reading

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>Back to the Starting board

>I just read an awesome post by Josie. Go read it. Really! I’ll wait. *taps foot* THAT is what I need. Total transparency. Not dropping off the blogosphere cause I’m messing up. That’s when I need support the most! I … Continue reading

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>Thursday Weigh In

>Having no internet was really sucky I still tracked on paper though. After going back and putting everything in WW I had 15 activity points and 17.5 weekly points unused. Go me 😉 Thursday is my weigh in. After weighing … Continue reading

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