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>50 degrees in May

>As I sit here in flannel jammies, listening to the heater rumble, it’s hard to believe it is the second day in May. Two days ago I was sweating it out at the park; tonight is supposed to be 37 … Continue reading

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>Catching up, Food talk, and a (Surprising) Weigh In

>I survived the first holiday intact! I have had a luxurious nine days off work. God bless our calendar committee-they will forever be in my heart 🙂 Thanksgiving was really, really good. My dad has been living in England for … Continue reading

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>Time to get *HOT*

>Today was weigh-in and I lost .2 lb. Two. tenths. of a frakkin pound. Really? REALLY?! I worked out 260 minutes last week and this is my reward? Geez. Now I am certainly happy there wasn’t a gain. To quote … Continue reading

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>Thursday Weigh In

>Having no internet was really sucky I still tracked on paper though. After going back and putting everything in WW I had 15 activity points and 17.5 weekly points unused. Go me 😉 Thursday is my weigh in. After weighing … Continue reading

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>Belated Weigh In

>I was going to post Monday with my weight update but instead I choose to wallow in self pity and watch reruns all day. I actually cried over french toast. (PMS says who?) See I made the mistake of watching … Continue reading

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>Food, food, and more food

>This weekend we have been eating gooood in this neighborhood. Friday night hubby grilled chicken and portabella mushrooms. We slapped them on whole wheat buns with some marinara sauce and it was so delicious. Instead of fries we had fresh … Continue reading

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>The Moment of Truth

>First of all, my mini-roadtrip went really well. My mom kept my kiddos so the trip was a lot quieter 😉 Since this was my first weekend of WW, I was pretty concerned about my food over the weekend. Here’s … Continue reading

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